Rob Lowe was the main star in the 1986 movie Youngblood which featured shots of him wearing only a jock strap. In this movie, it's a gritty, sweaty world filled with sportsmen who pressure their bros to accept their place in the team pack.  Homosexual tensions collide with locker room 'horseplay' when Lowe's new teammates decide "Let's shave his balls!" as something of a hazing ritual they sorta just thought up.  So they hold him down and have a good time playing with his nut sack as they shave his balls, using a straight razor with Patrick Swayze wearing a (clean?) jock strap as if it were a surgical mask.  Who would have thought that a few decades into the future, locker room showers would be filled with macho sportsmen parading about with their hairless dicks and balls?
Also, who could have imagined that the dependable mesh jockstrap would also go the way of cock-fashion and be replaced with compression boxer shorts?   Unless there is a built-in pouch, compression shorts typically squeeze (hence the name compression) the balls and penis tightly to the body.  And when there is no padding of pubic hair that also provides air flow down there, the condition of "jock itch" has lots more opportunities to grow.
But everything old eventually becomes new again, and while hairless cocks are still common sites in locker rooms all over the country, old-style jock straps have been making something of a comeback.  Especially in basketball and track, professional sportsmen are rediscovering the freedom of movement and lack of contained sweat that traditional jocks offer.   Add that new straps come in fashion colors galore as well as fabrics, and it's a winner for the wiener!

Strap Smut

 It looks like the game is just about to begin and everybody is a winner!  This modern smut features old school athletic supporters in a starring role.

May Reading Guild

Published in 1968, this novel by Drew Austin offered up the misunderstood character of Lonnie.  Lonnie was a man starved for the kind of sexual relations that society didn't approve of.  Lonnie found the answer to his desires in prison, as well as the untouchable guard, Phil. This novel was actually part of their French Line series of books and is numbered "French Line 46."  The back cover has an image of Eiffel Tower.
This book, Queer St. U.S.A. comes courtesy of Century Books and sounds the alarm that "15% of all Americans are homosexual!" This "growing national problem" of men engaging in homosexual activities together is must-reading for the concerned citizen, as it includes a slang dictionary of the special words that these homos use!  Lucky we have Matt Bradley to share with us what goes on all over the country.  It's reported that Century Books published five titles between 1965-1967.
 Of course, what could be better than to put the 'eye-moves of desire' on those hunky men working out in g-strings and jock straps at the gym?  The blonde laying on the floor looks to have ideas about working out with that beauty in the black pouch.